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Get Relief. Feel Better. Enjoy Life.

We have served over 25,000 individual patients, helping them experience real health through chiropractic care and as an exceptional holistic, primary care physician. 


What Makes Us Different?

Our Corrective Care.

Our mission is to change health care in the Triangle and the future is looking bright.

Who is the greatest doctor in the world? YOU ARE! Your heart is beating, lungs breathing, food digesting and more because of the “doctor” on the inside. We honor and understand that your body was designed to heal itself if we would just stop messing it up you would feel much better and even be healthier!  

As the leading chiropractic clinic in North Carolina, thousands of people have experienced life change through our health center because we focus on removing the interference to the body so you can be at your best!.



We're here 5 days a week and we open early and close late to make sure you can easily get the care you need.


Get a consult today to begin your real health experience.


We serve you with multiple doctors and a large team with over 50 years of experience in Chiropractics.


Changing the way people receive health care in the Triangle.


A Proven System

Do you know there is something wrong with your health but don’t know how to address it? Schedule a consult with us and we will walk you through how to get your health back on track!


We’ve been coming here a few years now, and they have taken amazing care us through two pregnancies. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for excellent chiropractic care with high quality staff.

Iaian M.

Wow this place is special! The staff are amazing... always welcoming and focused on your well being.  I saw how many reviews they had compared to other chiropractors and now I know why. Highly recommend if you want a doc who’s focused on maintaining health not just fixing a temporary issue.

Dan R.

I’ve been going to Triangle Health Center for about 6 months now and I am absolutely amazed at the results. I was in a bad accident in 2018, and relocated to Raleigh, where I got recommended to Dr. Livingood and THC by my former chiropractor in Charlotte. Over the course of my initial treatments, I saw incredible healing results from my back and neck injury, and with each adjustment, I keep feeling better and better.

Anni B.

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