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The Doctor to See to Beat the Flu Naturally

Feb 10, 2018

The flu pandemic of 1918 produced the deadliest infection in modern history, infecting an estimated 500 million people throughout the world. The pandemic infected almost one-third of the world’s population at the time, killing between 20 and 50 million people. More than 25 percent of the U.S. population became sick, and over half a million Americans died during the pandemic. Many people are surprised to know that young, healthy adults made up a large number of the millions of casualties.

No effective drugs or vaccines existed at the time of the pandemic. People possessed no real treatments or means of preventing the spread of the strain. American citizens were ordered to wear masks while schools and other places of mass gathering were shut down. Research that followed the pandemic determined that the deadly component of the 1918 disease occurred when the virus invaded the lungs and caused pneumonia.

An interesting sub-population gained significant attention during and after...

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